Burn, Baby, Burn (those calories)

With the New Year often come resolutions to lose weight or even just to get in better shape. The benefit of using water resistance are several—your muscles are able to work harder while feeling less of a strain and your heart rate is lower than on land. Why, just walking in waist deep water will improve your balance, tighten core muscles, and increase your flexibility as well as boosting your cardio fitness. As an added benefit, you will burn calories, reduce fat and lose weight…at the same rate as working out on land.

The internet is awash with specialty equipment such as stationary bikes that sit in the pool. You can also order shoes manufactured for pool walking, buoyancy belts and vests, webbed gloves and all sorts of weights for use in the water. However, all this equipment is not necessarily needed; many exercises require no special equipment or perhaps just use a pool noodle.

While you’re scouring the internet, you can also find all types of exercises to get your body in great shape. Swimming laps is fine for some people; others will be bored to tears. Check out YouTube for exercise videos…or we found 33 great options at www.shape.com/fitness/workouts/burn-calories-pooll-no-laps-required. Pick out your favorites and laminate an exercise routine at your local office supply store to keep it poolside.

It’s time to jump into your 2018 fitness plan and we’re sure it’ll go swimmingly!