Planting the idea

While we are not landscapers, we do realize that some plants make sense to place near a pool while others can make a giant mess. The last thing you want to deal with is a lot of leaves and berries or seed pods clogging up your system. As part of the process, we imagine you are looking to enhance the look of your backyard oasis as you luxuriate in your new pool. Getting the landscaping in place before plastering the pool is ideal, you don’t want dirt blowing into your new pool and staining it. If you are looking to install some new plants, or looking to pull out some potentially problematic foliage, we have some ideas for you.

If you are looking for trees, you might want to consider Queen Palms, Mediterranean Fan Palms and Sago Palms or fruitless olive trees. For smaller plants, a wide variety of succulents (aloe, agave, yucca, aeonium rosettes, etcetera) work, as well as Papyrus, Bird of Paradise, Fortnight Lily and Day Lily. Hibiscus is a classic for Hawaii and agapanthus can grow up to 2 foot stalks with lovely blue flowers. Bushes to consider would be Powder Puff trees (calliandra) or Butterfly bushes (buddleia). Golden Euonymus would be a good option. Groundcover ideas would be Ilima Papa, Akia, Wedelia and Ala’alawainui.

While regular bamboo is not a good idea, Heavenly Bamboo (which is not actually bamboo) is non-invasive and a good screen for privacy and to cover pool equipment. If your equipment is in a shaded area, you might want to consider Japanese Aralia. In more sunny locations, banana trees, Bird of Paradise trees and the golden euonymus are examples of foliage to be considered.

Some of the plants you want to keep away from include Acacia, Azaleas, Bamboo and Bougainvillea; these all are too messy to have near your pool. Anything with large seeds or that loves to drop leaves should be avoided. While flowering plants will eventually drop their flowers, but it is hard to give up those pops of color!

Large pots of flowering or non-flowering plants placed near the pool provide a great aesthetic and can give the pool area a polished, finished look. By working with a professional landscape designer, you will find the plants that turn your backyard into a relaxing resort.