Huber Pools Announces Maui Family YMCA Donation

Each year the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) determines the recipients of their Step Into Swim™ Campaign, a 10-year initiative which began in 2012 to create one million more swimmers. Through the generosity of donors that support the Campaign, NSPF was able to direct $78,750 to Angels of America’s Fallen, EVO Swim School, Jewish Community Center Association, New York State Parks, Swim Today, YMCA, and 14 individual learn to swim programs selected by Master Pools Guild Members. One hundred percent of the donated funds are utilized in learn to swim programs, and NSPF covers all administrative costs.

Master Pools Guild (MPG) members, which Huber Pools is a member of, are craftsman, operating with a strong commitment to high quality, customer service, and good business practices. MPG allocated $10,000 of their donation to support local learn to swim programs by MPG members. Huber Pools is proud to announce a gift of $700 to the Maui Family YMCA, in support of their Learn to Swim program. We understand the importance of teaching children to swim from both a drowning prevention perspective as well as from a health and happiness standpoint.

Overcoming a fear of water and mastering skills in the pool builds confidence and competence. That’s why the Safety Around Water program, like all YMCA programs, is designed to help individuals reach their full potential.

Last year alone, the YMCA taught more than 600 kids and adults about water safety as well as teaching them to swim.

If you would like to support the NSPF Campaign, please visit or, for local contributions, contact