3 R’s of Existing Pools

When you think of the 3 R’s, what comes to mind is reading, (w)riting, and (a)rithmatic. With pools, we think remodel, replaster and repair. Often times all three of these might be involved in one project. As you pool ages, just like people, it may need a facelift to keep it looking good.

Adding a spa, reconfiguring the size and shape of your pool, adding an infinity edge or water feature are very typical requests for a remodel. Or, you might be looking to add a Baja shelf, a fire pit, or change the coping around the pool. Keep in mind, though, that a significant remodel can cost as much as a new pool once demo, more excavation, reforming, a new pool shell, new plaster and tile are factored in. Having said all that, a remodel that will increase the enjoyment and usage of your pool might be well worth it.

As we discussed in a previous article, Marcite plaster can degrade over time. Hydrazzo has a 10 year warranty, and although we’ve never seen one fail, you might still want a change of color.  With a replaster, the waterline tile is often bead blasted to remove built up scum. If tiles have popped off and cannot be matched or you simply want a new look and feel to the pool, this a great time to change out that waterline tile to something that fits your new vision for the pool.

Repairs can be simple or extremely complicated. For example, trying to find a leak can be complex and costly. Reattaching a couple of tiles or changing a light is much less of an issue.

Sending us pictures of any issues can usually allow us to give you an idea of budget and timing for your project. These can be sent to info@huberpools.com. We look forward to helping your pool look it’s best once again!