Playing with Fire!

One of the hottest trends for backyard pools is actually on fire! Although the thought of fire and heat may be a bit much for some folks on Maui to wrap their heads around, it is a feature that we are seeing more of.  Especially in areas like upcountry where the nights get a bit cool, fire can bring warmth (and romance) to your backyard.

Fire pits can be found integrated into the center of a sitting area inside or connected to the pool. Fire bowls are showing up on the sides of pools—even mounting them so they look like they are floating in the pool. Fountains and waterfalls are getting in on the act with juxtaposition of water and fire. Fireplaces are springing up near pools so that the view of the water can be enjoyed while staying warm and cozy.

On the practical side, using a wood in your fire vessel will provide the most heat. Propane use will give less warmth but can still offer the ambiance you’re looking for.

Whatever your thoughts on adding the dimension of fire to your project, we’re here to help make your dreams a reality!