County May I?

Before a pool can be built in Maui County, a Builder’s Permit must be obtained from the County. Since you will need 8 sets of plans drawn to scale with site details, cross-sections and stamped by a licensed architect, finding an architect you like and can work with is usually the first step. We have several we can recommend who understand the process for pools. Special inspection forms and grading permits may also be required. Getting the plans and permit submittal package together generally takes 2-4 weeks.

In some areas, a farm plan must be included and implemented—oftentimes someone from the County will come out to ensure it’s been done.  If you live close to the ocean, SMA (Special Management Area) permit or Shoreline Setback Variance must also be applied for. These are designed, of course, to protect our beautiful coastline. These types of permits can easily take 4 months or longer to work their way through the system, but are important to preserve the natural resources of Maui. If your land doesn’t require any of these, the process usually takes 2-4 months—but depends on how backed up the County is for approvals. If you are also in need of approvals from your HOA, this can be done concurrently with the County approval process.

Once the building permits are issued, the electrical and plumbing permits can be applied for.  These generally happen pretty quickly. We can usually begin working on your pool during this time, but can only go so far before needing these permits in hand. Copies of the permits and plans should be kept on-site at all times.

During the build, we will be calling for inspections by the Building Department, Electrical Department and Plumbing Department. These inspections ensure that we are building the pool according to code. Additionally, the architect might require special inspections to ensure we are building to their specifications.

Both your architect and Huber Pools can help you through this process. We will also keep an eye on your permits and gently nudge them along if possible. Knowing the lead time can help you plan ahead to have your pool built during the time frame you need. For more information, check out the County of Maui website at