I Think We’re Surrounded

While the state of Hawaii doesn’t require fencing around a pool, it’s generally a good idea to have something to keep random children and pets from falling into the water. The primary options are to fence the area or put a cover over the pool.

Having a pool around your yard may suffice to keep the neighborhood kids and dogs out, but if you have small children or grandchildren, a fence around the actual pool may be something to consider. Some of the options include Plexiglas, mesh or wrought iron, vinyl or wood fences. Aesthetically, the Plexiglas option allows you to easily see through the fence and offers clean lines. The mesh fences insert into sleeves, which allow them to be taken up and down as needed—especially helpful if you just need the fence up only for visitors. Wrought iron, wood or vinyl fences might work well if that is a design element you like or have other similar features on your property.

Pool covers are another factor to consider from a safety viewpoint. However, safety aside, pool covers can keep out debris and retain the heat built up in your pool. Covers also help to keep water in your pool due to less evaporation and can assist in extending the mechanical life of your equipment while also reducing the need for chemicals.

One product, Loop-loc, loves to show a picture of an elephant standing on their cover, so if you’re looking for a cover for safety reasons, this might be the cover for you. However, we also work closely with the folks at Hawaiian Island Pool Covers, who can assist you with additional possibilities for safety covers. They provide either automatic or manual covers in a wide range of colors and materials to suit your needs. They are available to advise you on the opportunities for your particular pool design.