My Pool’s So Bright, I’ve Got to Wear Shades

Another design element of your pool is the lighting within and surrounding your pool. Again, look to the overall effect you are trying to create and then which options will get you there. LED lights are the most popular; they are much more energy efficient than the old halogen lights. These LEDs come in single bulbs, strips and even floating lights. You also have the option of either white or color changing lights.

We install primarily Intellibrites or Globrites manufactured by Pentair. Globrites are smaller with lower power. Often these are used on shallow shelves, steps and beach entries. Additionally, you can use a greater number of them to more evenly distribute the light around the pool to prevent shadows. A great feature on the white Globrites is that they are dimmable; the color ones are not.

Intellibrites are much brighter and generally used for the main part of the pool. In smaller pools, only one may be needed, but having at least two can help to eliminate shadows. Larger pools may need even more. Several lights along one side of the pool may give you the effect you need or placing them opposite each other may be better. Intellibrites also come in both white and in color. They have either fixed colors or standard light shows. The fixed colors are blue, magenta, green, white and red. The light shows include party, romance, California sunset, American, royal and Caribbean modes.

Automated control systems such as the Intellitouch, Easytouch or Screen Logic systems allow you the ability to program and/or manually adjust your lights. Some of these systems are wall mounted; others can be accessed by your phone.

Surrounding the pool, you’ll want to think about lighting the pathway to the pool for or placing lights in the surrounding trees for both safety and ambiance. Both inside and out of the pool, you’ll want to take care in aiming lights away from the seating areas—no one likes to hang out with lights shining directly in their eyes. We can work with you to design the proper lighting to fulfill your needs.

Next time—safety first!!