Trying to cope with it all

Your coping caps off the edge of the pool—it’s that place to hang onto, climb in or out of the pool on, or set your drink on. This cap is mounted on the pool’s bond beam and covers the steel that forms the pool and the pool’s concrete edges. It also prevents water from getting behind the gunite shell and wreaking havoc. Sometimes it leads into a deck or lanai area or sometimes it stands alone.


Wide variety of concrete colors

There are, of course, several options for coping. Again, the look and feel of your design should come into play as well as your budget. Poured concrete is an inexpensive way to go and comes in a variety of colors. It is normally about 3.5” thick, can be of various finishes – smooth, broom, or salt. For an upgraded look, you can also stamp the concrete to give it an interesting and unique look. Concrete can also be poured “smooth” in order to have tile set on top.

Precast concrete comes in a variety of textures, patterns and colors. These are more uniform looking and are easy to maintain. You can get straight, corner or multiple radiuses to work with your pool design.


Several travertine options

Natural stone can give you an option that is skid resistant. Options include stones like basalt, granite and travertine and typically come in 4 x12, 12 x 24 and 16 x24 sizes. Typically these are available in 1.25” – 2” thicknesses. The benefit of this type of coping is less height above the water.  In our opinion, pools look better when the water level is closer to the deck height, and it is an easier step down into the pool with the reduced height – 2” less of a step into the water.


Basalt finish options

These stones are available honed, brushed or tumbled and have either a saw cut edge or bullnose. The small pores in the stone help reduce the heat on the feet. If you have a lot of radiuses, however, this is probably not your best bet—it’s much more difficult to work with in that case.

Whatever you have in mind, our showroom has a wide variety of options to look at. No need to worry – we’ll help you cope with all the options and pick the one that will work best for you.