Water, Water, Everywhere

Hmm….that pool design looks great, but it’s missing that something special…maybe it’s time to kick things up a notch…

Options abound—there are fountains, waterfalls, deck jets and caves to name a few. Deciding what will fit with your vision and the space available is the first step. Then you need to consider the outcome desired; some features can help cover road noise; some can block unsightly neighbors; some can just sooth and relax you on a stressful day.

Let’s takwilliamse a closer look at some of these options. Sheer descents are very popular, especially with a more modern, sleek look. These arcs of water spill out from a wall—the longer the fall, the louder the water sound will be. The pool will need a raised beam or deck to support the wall and the sheer descents. For a smaller amount of water cascading from a wall, scuppers, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, can be utilized.

Rocimg_6053ks can impart a more natural feel around your pool. These can either be purchased prefab, can be custom made, or a combination thereof. Many parts of Maui are very rocky and these rocks from your own yard may be incorporated. You might be thinking of a small waterfall or perhaps you’re thinking of something larger to include caves, grottos or a waterfall slide. You’re only limited by imagination…and perhaps that pesky budget.

8479_10153821717068550_895683016361127590_n  Another direction would be to add deck jets or bubblers. Deck jets can offer an individual arcing stream of water coming off the deck. Bubblers can be added to baja shelves/tanning ledges or beach entries. All that’s required for bubblers is 6” of water.


We can share examples of all of these with you—many are available on our website or we can visit our showroom to see more. Other websites such as Houzz and Pinterest can also fuel your imagination. The possibilities are endless!