Things are heating up all over!

ice in poolLiving on Maui, we know that our year-round temperatures are pretty moderate. However, it does get cold upcountry and even the south shore can get a bit chilly in the winter and sometimes the pool gets just a bit too much shade. Additionally, you might want to take that early morning swim or late night dip. To ensure your pool can get used all year long, many people add a heater to their pool equipment list.

There are basically three options when it comes to heating your pool; propane, electric heat pump, or solar panels.

Propane heaters allow you to quickly raise the temperature in the pool. However, they do have a high operating cost and the hassle of adding a propane tank to your property if one is not currently there. (For heating a spa, however, this is the preferred way to go.)

Electric heat pumps take longer to initially heat up the pool and must run continuously to maintain the temperature. The equipment is a bit more expensive to start with, but the ongoing cost is lower. And, if you have photo-voltaic panels, the cost becomes even lower.

Passive solar is something we don’t generally recommend for pools for a couple of reasons. The first is that you have to create a very large solar field (about a 1:1 ratio for the square footage of the pool). Secondly, it takes a long time for the pool to heat up and just about the time it’s starting to get to a perfect temp, the sun will set and there goes your heat!

We’re happy to discuss all the options for your particular project and see what will work best to keep you swimming throughout the year. Let’s keep the chillin’ to the side of the pool!