Pass the salt, please

rita2For years the only choice for sanitizing pools and keeping the water crystal clear was to add chlorine tabs on a regular basis. The pool would also need to be “shocked” once a week with additional concentrated chlorine. What a hassle that was—having to buy, transport and store the tabs and shock treatments. Your bathing suit would get all bleached out. Your eyes would sting and your skin would be easily irritated.

As a result, salt water pools have become more and more popular as many new pool owners add a salt chlorine generator as part of their equipment package. While the upfront cost is greater, it quickly pays for itself since you no longer need buy all that chlorine. The generator manufactures the chlorine as water and dissolved salt flows through the generator cell. Through electrolysis, the salt is then converted to chlorine, which is returned to the pool. Once the chlorine has finished purifying the pool of contaminants, it reverts back to salt and the cycle repeats. The result is soft, silky water against your skin—no more odor or irritations!
At Huber Pools, we recommend the Pentair Intellichlor System due to the ease of use and the durability of the system. Additionally, if there is ever a problem, we have a Pentair rep here on island to assist with repair or warranty issues. You can even add a Pentair Intellitouch or Easy Touch automation system to control everything for your computer or phone—more on those later.

In the meantime, save a bit of salt for your cocktails by the pool….