Taking the Edge Off

tile copingWe’ve all seen the picture—an infinity edge pool that seems to blend into the horizon with a stunning view beyond. And if you’ve experience one at a high end resort, you may be thinking that’s the perfect addition for your backyard pool. After all, you’d be in good company; the first known infinity edge was created at the Palace of Versailles in the 1600s.

These types of pools go by various names; negative edge, zero edge, infinity pool, disappearing edge or vanishing edge pool. Regardless of the name, if your property has a breathtaking view beyond your yard, you may want to consider it.

To build this type of pool, one edge is lower and is tiled, with the pool water level kept to the top of the edge. A trough is built below to catch the water or a surge tank is created to hold the excess water to pump back into the pool.

An infinity edge, however, does not come cheap. They require substantial structural, mechanical and architectural detailing as well as a pool builder that knows what they’re doing. After it’s built, it will continue to be more expensive requiring a separate pump that will need to run either on demand or for a predetermined amount of time.  Additionally, the pool cannot be covered, which means more water evaporates as it falls over the edge.  Lastly, children need to be monitored more closely so they don’t fall over the edge.

Having said that, the look and feel of the infinity edge is amazing and allows you to really get the feeling of an incredible “staycation” whenever you spend time in and around your pool.