You Trendsetter, You

Kai Ani - shallow shelfMany of the new pools going in these days (and even on some remodels), homeowners are opting to add a shallow shelf at one end. These shelves go by several names:  Baja Shelf, Tanning Shelf or Sun Shelf. This offers adults a relaxing area to place a lounge chair or kids a shallow section to play on. Even your dog will enjoy a shallow dip in the pool!

To make that shelf even more spectacular, bubblers or built-in umbrella sleeves can be added. Special tiling or lighting can also kick things up a notch.

Beach EntryOther folks are opting to go with a beach entry. Typically, these are constructed as a gradual decline from 0 to about 12”. Giving you that truly tropical feel of slowing wading into the pool, they can make your pool quite stunning-looking. However, these are a bit more expensive to build than a shelf due to the precise grading needed. In addition, some people report that birds and other animals thoroughly enjoy using these as their personal restrooms.

If you are considering either of these, make sure you have enough space in your pool to make this a viable option. After all, you do want to make sure you have enough swim area for your needs. As always consider how you will be using your pool before embarking on a design.